A WOMAN has shared stunning photos of the cakes she made during the first national lockdown, to help support the NHS.

Beata Maria Khoo baked one of the intricate cakes a week for the whole duration of the first national lockdown.

The 52-year-old, who has been baking most of her life, hand-crafted each cake that took six days to complete.

The cakes range from superhero NHS workers holding up the world, to a realistic bake of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Ms Khoo, who is from Saltdean, said the staff are “heroes”.

“When we were in lockdown in March I made a cake each week, which altogether was eight cakes, for the NHS staff in hospital.

The Argus:

“Doctors and nurses rang me to thank me which was quite amazing

“I just think that they are our heroes, they are there to rescue us every day when they go to battle.

“ I made a Boris, which is nothing political, I just think that he is funny. I wanted someone famous that is all.

“It is a bit of a joke, you can stab him in the back if you want.”

‘They absolutely loved it. “

The Argus:

The 52-year-old runs a small business called My Sweet Passion Cakes, where she hand-crafts cakes to the “individual wishes of each client”.

All of the cakes are handmade using fresh ingredients, including Ms Kahoo’s special home-made cream.

Just last month, the baker made cakes for children staying in hospital over Christmas.

She said: “For the last six years, every Christmas, I make a cake for children in hospital.

The Argus: The cakes take five to six days to makeThe cakes take five to six days to make

“To be in hospital over Christmas is not great, no one chooses that and I wanted to put a smile on their faces.

“Every single piece on the cakes are edible and this was vanilla with strawberry jam and cream.”