THE creators of a renowned escape room are set to open a new visitor attraction this year.

Paradox Place will feature four floors of optical illusions, immersive artworks and magic tricks.

The House of Illusions will also include a shop selling puzzles, tricks, toys, games and gadgets on the ground floor.

Visitors will have between about 60 to 90 minutes to solve a series of connected puzzles

The attraction in Gloucester Road, Brighton, will open in a building formerly occupied by Warren Evans Bedmakers, which has been empty for almost three years.

Pod Experiences, the team behind the new project, already runs Pier Pressure, an escape room experience in Upper North Street, Brighton.

Building work will begin later this month, with a provisional opening date set for April.

Philly Harris, creative director of Pier Pressure, said the new attraction will have Brighton at its heart.

She said: “We are very excited to be embarking on this new attraction, especially as it something that hasn’t been seen before in the South of England.

“Keeping true to the values with which we launched Pier Pressure, we will settle for nothing less than a high-quality experience that will hopefully become one of the highlights of anyone’s visit to Brighton.

“It’s always been hugely important to us is to celebrate this incredible city and, like we did at Pier Pressure, we will be making sure there is a Brighton twist on the exhibits.”

In March last year, Loot The Lanes escape room by Pier Pressure was listed in the Top Escape Rooms Project, an international survey for escape room addicts from around the world. Loot The Lanes was found to be the highest ranking escape room in the UK and ranked 67th worldwide.

A total of 82,865 rooms were listed in the survey, and the games were played by 370 contributors.

Loot The Lanes, which pays homage to several of the city’s landmarks, is a fast-paced interactive game in which players go on a mission to steal legendary treasure to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

In the story the Brighthelm Diamond is a secret jewel which has been purchased and hidden by four of Brighton’s most influential developers, in case the city was ever in dire need.

Players must solve puzzles and work their way through a series of clues in a mock-up set of The Lanes, which includes a red telephone box and The Lanes Armoury antique weaponry shop, before breaking into an antique jewellers to find the diamond.

There are four other escape rooms at Pier Pressure, each with their own unique theme and varying difficulty levels.

They require all sorts of skills, such as logical thinking, observation, navigating, quick reactions, word association, colour identification and communication.

While they are known as escape rooms customers are never physically locked in the room and can step out any time they wish.

One of the most difficult rooms in the attraction is Broken – a game set inside an imaginary Cold War Bunker.

Players are told that they only have 60 minutes before a missile hits Brighton.

They must use the allocated time to fix the war bunker and bring it back online in order to survive.

The attraction’s easiest room is Raver Quest, which is set in a 90s rave nightclub in Brighton, complete with a dance music soundtrack, mini games and puzzles.

All Pier Pressure’s attractions are currently closed in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

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