A SURVIVOR of a horror car crash said he has lost everything because of the alleged hit and run.

Azaan Khan suffered life-changing injuries when he was struck by the BMW on Brighton seafront.

The vehicle also hit and injured his cousin Raja Zakir Khan, and 20-year-old Suel Delgado, who suffered devastating brain injuries and died in hospital the next day.

Iftekhar Khondaker, 34, is accused of mowing down the young men deliberately while driving the BMW after two groups of men had scuffled and fought along the seafront.

The Argus:

The crash at 5.30am on December 1, 2019, sent the three men flailing in mid-air as they were hit by the “accelerating” vehicle, Hove Crown Court heard. The A259 was closed for three days while the police investigated.

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Azaan Khan suffered brain trauma, bleeding on the brain, and a broken thigh bone in the crash.

“I would not wish this on even my worst enemy,” he said, after hobbling into the witness box wearing a leg brace. “I can’t remember who I was with. I can’t remember what I was doing. It left me with a severe brain injury, having to learn how to drink water again.

The Argus:

“I can’t see with my eyes properly any more, and I don’t have any memory. Tomorrow I won’t be able to remember what I have said today unless someone does a recap for me. I’ve lost my driving licence. I have lost everything, my whole life, everything.”

Raja Zakir Khan, who also survived, told the court he had a fractured skull, ruptured knee ligaments, a punctured lung and double vision.

The group from Crawley had gone out to enjoy the 22nd birthday of Amaan Alyas, but the night ended with violent scenes on the seafront as they left the Shooshh nightclub.

The Argus:

Amaan Alyas told the court he saw the car driven by Iftekhar Khondaker veer over onto the wrong side of the road as the group of five were walking with their backs turned.

His brother Irfan Khondaker, 27, was a passenger, and he denies assisting an offender to escape the scene by booking a taxi for them both.

The Argus:

Kate Lumsdon QC, prosecuting, told the jury that the car was driven into them deliberately at speeds of up to 41mph. Witnesses said they could hear the car engine revving as it accelerated.

Khondaker, of Caithness Road, Mitcham, denies murder, and two counts of attempted murder.

The trial continues.