A BURGLAR who left victims feeling like prisoners in their own homes has been jailed.

Daniel Meehan raided properties in Batemans Road and Burnham Close in Woodingdean.

The 28-year-old was found in the hallway of one couple’s home late at night.

Meanwhile, a family with two toddlers said a bank card and car was stolen during the other break-in in June last year.

The Audi was later found set on fire.

Meehan bought himself a bottle of Prosecco and tobacco during one fraudulent use of the card, and later bought himself vodka and cigarettes.

In July he was put on the Sussex Police wanted list.

The Argus: Daniel Meehan is wanted on suspicion of burglaries in WoodingdeanDaniel Meehan is wanted on suspicion of burglaries in Woodingdean

Officers were then called to a property of his partner, where was discovered but he fled in a desperate attempt to evade capture.

He suffered a suspected broken ankle as he escaped the grasp of an officer trying to arrest him, but was later found hiding at the same address in agony.

At Hove Crown Court it was revealed he has 31 previous convictions for 79 offences.

He admitted two counts of burglary, taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent, fraud by false representation, and escaping lawful custody.

Judge Christine Henson QC jailed him for three years and two months.

She told him: “Sadly you are no stranger to these courts.

“Your crimes have had an impact on those families that you chose to burgle because of your abuse of drugs.

“They are law abiding citizens but their homes were invaded.

“One couple were utterly terrified to hear you in their hallway at night because they have been burgled before.

“It was devastating to them, they feel like prisoners in their own home.”

Previously The Argus reported on how he was among the youngest children ever to be given an ASBO in Sussex.

He was just 11 years old in 2003 when he was given the order over fears he was attacking other children, stealing from cars, throwing stones and causing damage.

Then in 2012 the tearaway was among a group who stole and crashed two luxury cars in Newhaven town centre, with one vehicle ending up flipped onto its roof.

The Argus: Hove Crown Court. Image: GoogleHove Crown Court. Image: Google

The court heard this time how he had kept himself out of any burglaries since the age of 21, but had relapsed back into using crack cocaine.

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Natasha Dardashti, defending, said Meehan wants to change his ways.

She said: “He wants to lead a more fruitful life.

“His descent into crack cocaine use was borne of desperation at not being able to find work to give him the structure he needs during the current pandemic.”

Meehan, of Albion Hill, Hanover, fears his ankle may be permanently deformed as he has not been able to get an operation while in prison, Ms Dardashti said.

He will spend half of his jail term behind bars, with the time held on remand to count towards his sentence.