A FAMILY are clearing pebbles from a promenade to help people with mobility issues.

Steven and Caryoln Sparks started clearing shingles on Seaford seafront after seeing the elderly, disabled and pushchair users struggling to walk along the pathway.

Armed with a shovel and a broom, the couple, along with their eight-year-old son, have been using their daily exercise time to carry out their clean-up.

Steven said it was heartwarming to see people enjoying the promenade.

He said: “It was really encouraging hearing numerous people thank us as they strolled past.

“It has also opened more space for people to social distance themselves from others and walk safely.

Steven and Carolyn have now set up a Facebook group, Seaford Beach Hut Society, inviting more people to become involved.

Steven said: “We really wouldn’t be offended if others want to use their exercise time to continue clearing other sections of the four-mile promenade.

“We’d also like to invite any Seaford beach hut owners or users to join Seaford Beach Hut Society on Facebook as part of a growing and positive seafront community.”

Last year, Seaford promenade become covered in shingle and other debris in the aftermath of storms Brendan, Ciara, and Dennis battering the area in January and February.