THE Argus headline and a letter from Paul Chandler caught my eye on Tuesday.

The idea that Brighton and Hove city centre can be car free by 2030 is a fantasy.

The former Labour council and its Green successors are leaving this city in a state of total chaos.

I appreciate the Greens are the sworn enemy of the motor vehicle.

I agree carbon emissions must be lowered. But what is happening and being proposed is a recipe for disaster.

If and when this country emerges from its current Covid crisis a viable transport and road system is going to be vital to any economic recovery.

The busiest roads in this city are arterial in allowing traffic to flow. Like all arteries, if they are blocked the result could be fatal.

Public transport has to use roads. So the delay will not just affect car owners but buses, emergency and delivery vehicles as well.

The effect of many of the new cycle lanes is to narrow these vital roads. This means an accident or breakdown will cause tailbacks and delays.

The reliance on petrol vehicles will change. As the world oil reserves are depleted necessity will dictate change.

Electric vehicles may be part of the answer but until teething problems are ironed out and a new infrastructure installed the petrol vehicle is vital.

Paul Chandler’s claim that MPs who voted for the EU withdrawal agreement were voting against the true feelings of the people of this country is a farce.

It was the free movement and associated mass immigration into this country that probably won the day for Brexit.

The Liberals since the 1920s have only ever been a third party.

It seems many Europhiles cannot accept that a majority of the British electorate opposed the European Union and voted to leave.

At the last election the Liberal Democrats pledged to overturn article 50. The party received a drubbing and even lost its leader.

Any party which pledged to try to re-enter the EU would be committing electoral suicide.

Richard J Szypulski

Lavender Street