A MYSTERY offender who keeps spitting all over a lift is one of many problems plaguing a housing block for retired people, according to the angry residents.

One of them had to clear up the lift in the Brighton block, say the “concerned tenants of Laburnum Grove”.

Pictures show the lift covered in phlegm and a council letter which was put up warning of “someone continuously spitting and spreading mucus”.

The Argus: The council warned that the person behind phlegm in the lift would be reported to policeThe council warned that the person behind phlegm in the lift would be reported to police

A scathing report from the residents. which was emailed to every Brighton and Hove city councillor, also alleges that “plagues of flies” have appeared by the bins and drinking water is “murky” and “foul-tasting”. 

The letter said: “A number have resorted to the additional expense of buying bottled water. During the pandemic, the interior of the lift - the door and parts of the surrounding walls - was found to be covered in thick mucus.

“A resident cleaned this up and was in tears when doing so. Your sole input was to put up notices about ‘spitting’ outside the lift doors. Why was no effort made to find the culprit?”

The Argus: The council put up a warning notice after a series of foul incidentsThe council put up a warning notice after a series of foul incidents

The letter claims the block for retirement housing in Burstead Close has been troubled by a string of issues. These include problems with cleaning, locked bathrooms and cars parking in an ambulance bay.

The letter said: “On the ground floor the bathroom is locked and the disabled toilet next to the common room is locked.

“Since the pandemic measures were introduced a large number of residents have reported that carers, council employees and contractors have been entering the building without wearing PPE and without hand sanitising. 

The Argus: The report claimed hygiene has become an issue at the blockThe report claimed hygiene has become an issue at the block

“Residents have reported plagues of flies appearing because the rubbish deposited in the ground floor bin store has not been emptied, and residents have also complained of the appalling smell.”

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, said councillors were helping residents address the issues. 

She said: "It's really important that people feel safe in their homes, so this must be very distressing for residents and for those whose job is to keep the buildings clean. 

The Argus: 'Very distressing for residents' - Caroline Lucas MP'Very distressing for residents' - Caroline Lucas MP

“I know councillors are taking the issue very seriously and supporting residents to try and resolve the matters with the relevant teams at the council."

A council spokesman said: “We take the health and safety of our residents very seriously and will be responding in detail to all the points raised in the report, many of which are historic and have already been addressed.

“We’d like to reassure residents that Laburnum Grove is regularly and thoroughly cleaned, with appropriate Covid-safety measures in place to protect residents and staff. There was an isolated spitting incident last year which was addressed at the time.

“If there is any problem with cleanliness in the building, these should be reported to our scheme managers or out-of-hours service as soon as possible so they can be dealt with. Residents should not and need not be cleaning communal areas.

“We have also checked the locks on the communal bathrooms and can assure residents they are not faulty. This type of lock is common within shared facilities and allows quick access in an emergency.”