A FORMER soldier commended for disarming an Iraqi insurgent is walking 874 miles for charity.

Katrina Hodge, 33, is taking on the equivalent of the trek from Land’s End to John O’Groats by pounding the streets near her Brighton home.

She is raising funds for Cancer Research UK and Alex’s Wish.

Katrina, a former Miss England winner, aims to complete the gruelling journey in just 90 days.

So far Katrina, nicknamed “Combat Barbie”, has walked 460 miles in 50 days.

She said: “I just have to force myself to do it every day – that’s the Army in me.

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“So far I’m 50 days in and 460 miles in. I aim to walk or run ten miles every single day. I won’t lie, it’s been so challenging in this cold weather and I swear I’m cursed as every time I set off it pours with rain. I’ve toured every sight and hill in the city now.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done as, whilst ten miles doesn’t seem a lot, getting up each and every day come rain or shine when you are already aching from the day before is so hard.”

The Argus: The former solider is attempting the walk in just 90 daysThe former solider is attempting the walk in just 90 days

Katrina joined the Army as a teenager on a dare after being labelled “too girlie” to become a soldier and was deployed to Iraq two days after her 18th birthday in 2005.

She saved the lives of five comrades when she disarmed an Iraqi insurgent, punching the rebel in the face after he lunged at their vehicle holding two rifles.

She was commended for bravery upon her return to the UK by her commanding officer and was promoted to lance corporal.

After her walk, Katrina is also set to return to the stage and compete in the upcoming Miss Great Britain.