THESE are the worst towns in Sussex to live in - according to the people that live there.

Chichester was voted as one of the worst places to live in the country last year, ranking 47th in a survey by the satirical website I Live Here.

The site, which allows residents to submit scathingly honest reviews of towns across England, had 125,681 people vote in its poll.

Despite only one place in Sussex featuring on the list, cities and towns across the county haven't gotten away lightly.

We took a look at some of the worst places to live in Sussex and the reviews posted by the people who live there.

Brighton: "Blackpool of the South"

The Argus: BRIGHTON PRIDE 2008

"I used to like Brighton. There was a feel to the place. A permissiveness that gave Brighton a bohemian feel and made it special.

"Unfortunately the conmen and incompetents known collectively as “The Council” obviously spent many happy days in Blackpool in their youth and have been hell-bent on destroying as much of the seafront as they possibly can.

"The first odd addition to the seafront was the massively ugly ferris wheel. Unhappy that London had one, Brighton fast-tracked planning permission for this monstrosity overriding Brighton residents directly affected.

"The result: a fairground ride, permanently blocking the sea views for everyone.

"Add to that the dreadful brutalist Brighton Centre – who’s redevelopment was messed up by the same council who instead gave the go-ahead to the rubbish attractions, you’d think that they’d have done enough."

Eastbourne: "God is ignoring this waiting room"

The Argus: ALL AT SEA: As Eastbourne Pier goes up for sale, there are fears it could be removed from public use by its new owner

"I work in the town centre, and sometimes feel like a fricking social worker; I have never encountered so many weird and rude people anywhere else, and I have been around the world twice.

"Add this intoxicating mix to the fact there is frick all to do here. Unless you are a full-time alcoholic, (which is to be advised if you live in this festering faecal-ridden dump), in which case the divey pubs will no doubt keep you happy enough.

"There is the seafront to walk along, where you will either be mown down by cyclists or skateboarders.

"I will never understand why so many people holiday here. I can only assume it is a form of penance for some truly awful act."

Hastings: "The new Shangri-La for London’s vulture lower investment class"

The Argus:

"With each new article in The Guardian, there’s more of them. Down-from-London (DFL) types or F.I.L.T.H (Failed in London Try Hastings), wandering around the Old Town at weekends, peering in John Bray and Son’s window after visiting the Jerwood Gallery.

"Their first visit to what they see as a quaint fishing village, with actual working-class people that they just don’t see in their neighbourhood in Zone 1 or 2, puts the zap on their head.

"Sampling, rather than actually living the gritty reality of Hastings combined with the clean air and the rolling waves, makes them feel alive, the way endless weekends spent sipping Sancerre and Instagramming yet another plate of food from some pop-up hipster eatery in town or blogging about another tedious exhibition of mediocre trustafarian artwork, just doesn’t."

Bexhill-On-Sea: "aka God’s Waiting Room"

The Argus:

"This town could be a great place to live, but it is run by a bunch of over the hill, out of touch OAPs who hate change and anyone under 50 being in their town.

"This is the sort of place where the seagulls bombard your car with fish smelling sh*t, but are loved more than most of the young residents! They actually shut off the town centre, so that one of these horrible sh*tehawks (as some of us refer to seagulls as) was rescued from a tree!

"How mad is that? Had it been a small child it would have been left to its devices."

Portslade: "Twinned with Mordor"

The Argus: Pound Zone in Boundary Road, Portslade (Picture: Andre Rhoden-Paul)

"I have found myself living in the seaside town of Portslade for nearly a year now. After commuting down here for work, I thought why not get a nice little place by the sea, where I can unwind in the fresh air after a hard day in the office.

"What a bloody mistake. Portslade is the culmination of a number of problems; easy access to a port means that a plethora of drugs are available for the not-so-discerning Portsladian.

"This, coupled with the allure of cheap booze sold in one of the towns many many off licenses, leads to a maelstrom of peasants, meandering around the streets in broad daylight, off their faces and in our’s."

Crawley: "As if there is another"

The Argus:

"Some call it the Armpit of the South, I’d go further than that. I’d say it’s the infected spot in the Armpit of the South.

"My two friends and I were so pleased when we discovered that Crawley had not been missed off the list of towns – that, in fact, it had 3 entries! Three! So we thought we’d add a fourth."