A MOTHER said she was "shocked" to discover formula milk she was bought to feed her baby was three months out of date.

Angeline Muca, from Hangleton, was about to give the milk to her four-month-old daughter Isabel when she noticed the bottle was "dusty".

She checked the label and realised Tesco had sold her bottles with a best before date of October 5 2020.

Supermarket giant Tesco said it was "sorry" for the error and is now checking other bottles of milk to avoid the same thing happening again.

She said: "That evening I went to open one to give to my baby daughter and noticed under the bright light in my kitchen that the bottle appeared dusty.

The Argus: The baby milk had a best before date of OctoberThe baby milk had a best before date of October

"Upon closer inspection, I noticed the product had a best before date of the 5th October 2020 making the baby milk over three months out of date.

"Fortunately I noticed the error before feeding it to my four-month-old baby."

Ms Muca said the same date was shown on 6 of the 12 bottles she had bought.

Armed with her receipt, she confronted the shop "quickly offered a refund".

The Argus: Angeline Muca with IsabelAngeline Muca with Isabel

She said staff were apologetic once they realised the error.

The manager also offered a £10 gift card to compensate for the error.

A Tesco spokesman said: "We are sorry this has happened. We have a process for checking all the date codes in our stores and on this occasion, it looks like this product was missed.”