A HUSBAND accused of murdering his estranged wife told a social worker he was worried she was going to steal from his accounts, a court heard.

Raymond Hoadley, 62, is on trial for the murder of Eastbourne disability rights campaigner and mother Jackie Hoadley, 58.

A court was told he went to her address at Broad Oak Close in the town and killed her in July last year.

It was months after he had been admitted into psychiatric care for overdosing on his disabled son’s pills in a bid to take his own life.

A jury at Hove Crown Court heard that Hoadley was angry and was heard by witnesses on a phone call threatening to kill and strangle someone, a claim he denies.

Caroline Carberry QC, prosecuting, has said that money and the division of the estranged couple’s assets may have been the motive for the killing.
The Argus: The estranged couple's £300,000 home in Broad Oak Close, EastbourneThe estranged couple's £300,000 home in Broad Oak Close, Eastbourne

Hoadley had drawn up a contract with Jackie, where he wanted to leave the £300,000 house and allowances to her, but claim the rest of their £1 million savings and investments.

Jurors have been told how Hoadley was obsessed with saving money.

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After being admitted into a psychiatric ward for his suicidal thoughts, a social worker said Hoadley had also battled alcohol problems.

The social worker said: “Raymond Hoadley was driven by money. Either by saving it, not spending it, or stealing things so he did not have to pay for it.

“He was worried his wife might transfer money from their joint account he held at the time that he did not have access to.”
The Argus: Jackie Hoadley with Raymond HoadleyJackie Hoadley with Raymond Hoadley

Hoadley was reluctant to find accommodation in Eastbourne in case he saw Jackie with a new partner.

He told police: “Jackie was very easy to get along with. I don’t know if she had used a dating site or anything like that. 

“People often do. I told her, ‘If you do, be careful, there are people who have been ripped off’. 

“I’m very financially orientated I don’t want people to be ripped off. I have seen programmes where people are ripped off of thousands and thousands by con men.”
The Argus: Raymond Hoadley is accused of murderRaymond Hoadley is accused of murder

Hoadley mentioned The Martin Lewis Money Show during his interviews with police, and rambled about home improvements and how he only wanted investments which could guarantee a two per cent return.

That was despite the seriousness of the situation and questions about his wife's murder put to him by officers.

He said: “I might come across as clinical. Unfortunately I do. My whole mindset revolves around money. At the end of the day to do anything, you have got to have money. I have always been cautious and careful and a bit reluctant to spend at times.”

Hoadley, of Willowfield Road, Eastbourne, denies murder.