THERE was a sharp drop in the number of burglaries reported across Sussex last year.

Figures from Sussex Police show there were more than 5,500 burglaries reported between last January and November.

It means the county has the 14th highest total of burglaries across the 41 police constabularies that were asked by researchers at Journalistic.

The research showed that the number of reported burglary offences had dropped by 23 per cent compared to the same period a year earlier when there were more than 7,200 offences reported.

It equates to an average of 17 break-ins per day.

Recently The Argus reported on the cases Jack Heslip who targeted the homes of the elderly and vulnerable in East Grinstead. He was jailed for three years and four months.

Meanwhile Brighton burglar Daniel Meehan was jailed for three years and two for breaking into two homes in Woodingdean.

Journalistic carried out the research on behalf of Online Mortgage Advisor.

The company has given safety tips for residents which include checking all doors and windows are closed and locked before going out, using motion-activated lights, mark your belongings with ultraviolet marking, and invest in good tech.

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