A MUSIC producer has been fined £10,000 for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules to record a video in a town centre.

Police were called over a gathering of 30 people at the sixth floor of the Trinity Place car park in Eastbourne.

They had full music and filming equipment and most of the group were not obeying social distancing rules or wearing face masks.

A man identified himself as the owner of a music production business and organiser of the event.

He was slapped with a £10,000 fine for breaching the Covid-19 rules.

A member of the group also refused to comply with requests to leave was given a £200 fine.

It follows efforts to curb those breaching the rules.

Officers responded after news of the event was posted online, and turned up to find the group at 4pm on Wednesday, January 20.

Meanwhile a £1,000 fine was given to a bar and restaurant in the village of Forest Row when police saw a group of people inside the venue on January 14.

There was a member of staff behind the bar, and when they saw the police, those inside tried to hide from view or run.

The owner and designated premises supervisor was given the fixed penalty notice on Monday.

Superintendent Julia Pope said: “While the vast majority of people in Sussex are following the government’s Covid-19 regulations, we are unfortunately still seeing a small number of people who are ignoring the restrictions and putting themselves and other people at risk.

“We ask the public to continue doing the right thing by following the government's guidance. We will continue to respond effectively and proportionately to those found to be wilfully and obviously breaching the restrictions.

“The rules and restrictions are in place for a reason – to protect the NHS and save lives. We know it’s been an incredibly difficult time, but it’s still so important that we pull together and continue doing what we need to do to stop the spread of the virus and save lives.”