A BIKE rider injured by a cyclist who swiftly left the scene says action needs to be taken to improve safety.

Agnieszka Merta, 44, known as Agy, reported being shoved off her bike by another rider in the cycle lane near Hove Lagoon.

She was looked after by onlookers, among them a resident who said they have witnessed numerous crashes and collisions between cyclists and pedestrians along the narrow strip of cycle path.

Agy said: “I am an experienced cyclist, I cycle a lot with my son.

“It is absolutely crazy there, something needs to be done as it is dangerous.

“I really hate the thought of something like this happening to someone else, particularly if it is happening regularly.”

She said one person told her they were knocked over five times while walking in the area.

It is not the first time that safety along the stretch between the King Alfred Leisure Centre and Hove Lagoon has been raised. Previously Cllr Peter Atkinson and wife Melanie reported how busy the pathway was even at 7.15am.

He said: “Everyone was being sensible though and ‘keeping their distance’. What was less sensible, however, was the number of cyclists on the promenade itself. We counted 22 in the relatively short time we were down there.

“One group of middle-aged men were even cycling three abreast leaving little room for pedestrians and runners to safely enjoy the space.”

Concerns were also raised about cycling along the promenade, despite signs and last summer the council put up new street signs and painted new road markings to warn cyclists not to use the thoroughfare.

Brighton and Hove City Council has been investing into new cycling lanes to boost safety along busy routes including the seafront and Old Shoreham Road in Hove.