ON MARCH 23, 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the inconceivable.

While he cautiously tiptoed around the term lockdown, he announced a series of unprecedented measures which would be put in place imminently to stop the spreading threat of coronavirus.

Ten months on, the cautious approach has gone. 

Adverts everywhere warn people to stay at home wherever possible under "national lockdown" rules.

Mr Johnson has spoken of light at the end of the tunnel with the mass rollout of several vaccines in the UK, but it may still be some weeks before we see restrictions eased.

With this in mind, we asked Argus readers what they had missed most during lockdown, and what they could not wait to do when measures were lifted.

The Argus: People in Sussex have missed friends, family and hugs during lockdownPeople in Sussex have missed friends, family and hugs during lockdown

1. Seeing family, friends and loved ones

This was, not surprisingly, by far the most common answer.

With people told to stay in their homes, many have not seen their relatives for months.

Now, hugs appear to be the order of the day for people across Sussex.

Jackie Webb said: "Hugs, that's what I miss. Hugging friends, family and my little people - a hug is everything."

Diana Holman added: "(I miss the) freedom to see my family and friends, and to hug them."

Craig Downard welcomed his son to the world seven months ago, and said he had missed being able to introduce him to family and friends.

And Nicki Day said she missed: "Girly chats over coffee, prosecco, etc.

"Just having girlfriend laughs and chats because we can."

Meanwhile, Linda Hall could not wait to see her grandchildren and go out for lunch with her family.

The Argus: Lewes Bonfire has been a big miss this yearLewes Bonfire has been a big miss this year

2. Events and activities

Sussex's usually overflowing events calendar was obliterated with the introduction of the lockdown restrictions.

Jonathan F Vernon said Lewes Bonfire was one of his biggest misses in 2020, with the annual October event cancelled due to safety concerns.

He said: "(The thing I missed most was) Bonfire Night in Lewes, dressing up and squeezing into the King's Head for another pint of Harvey’s.

"And having friends and family squeezed into our wee house on sofas to enjoy it all."

Frances Barrymore said she was keen to get back to holidays with her two grandchildren at Butlins, while Michael Ian had really felt the absence of the vibrant businesses of Brighton and Hove.

He said: "Coffee with friends at Artisan Coffee House in Kemp Town, the picturehouses at Komedia and the Duke Of York's, our local pubs and restaurants, drinks with neighbours and friends, monthly trips to Zar's Barbers - I've missed so much really.

"Oh, and gigs at Concorde 2."

The Argus: Holiday plans were scuppered as the restrictions were announced last yearHoliday plans were scuppered as the restrictions were announced last year

3. Travel 

Many people said they missed travelling, making a beeline for Gatwick in the car or along the Brighton Mainline before jetting off to explore all four corners of the world.

Nicole Duggan was one of several people to list this as their most-missed feature during lockdown.

She said: "I miss seeing family in the UK and travelling - being spontaneous."

The Argus: Chances to watch Albion at The Amex were few and far between last seasonChances to watch Albion at The Amex were few and far between last season

4. Albion...and pubs

While elite sport has continued in recent months, chances to visit the Amex and watch the Seagulls in person have been few and far between.

For one fan, named Albion Smudge on Twitter, his biggest miss during lockodwn was simple.

"Pre-game beers. The Albion. Post-game beers," he said.