THIS is the moment two "stupid" daredevils jumped off a cliff in Peacehaven and parachuted to the seafront below.

In a video caught by a passerby, the men take it in turns to leap off the cliff. Their parachutes open seconds into the free fall, saving them from almost certain death.

Once on the ground, one of the daredevils can be heard shouting and celebrating, while the other gathers his parachute and runs towards him.

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The pair can be seen to hug each other shortly after, marking the successful landing.

The stunt has been labelled "insane" and "stupid" by Twitter users, who reacted to the video when it was posted yesterday.

The Argus: The pair jumped one after anotherThe pair jumped one after another

Liz Finlayson was on her daily walk at about 3.30pm on Friday when she spotted the pair peering over the edge of the cliff.

She said: "I was having a quick walk when suddenly I saw the two guys at the top. One of them jumped off and then the other.

"Luckily they landed well.

"I don't know if it classed as daily exercise or not these days - who knows?

"It is Brighton, so we just carried on walking back. They were pretty pleased that they landed well."

The Argus: The pair appeared to celebrate the successful landing. The pair appeared to celebrate the successful landing.

Under the current rules, people must stay at home and only go out for "a reasonable excuse".

You are not allowed to leave home to meet people socially if you don't live together or have a support bubble.

However, you can exercise with one person from another household in a public space.

One Twitter reacted to the video and said: "Potentially very dangerous, as you can see from the second 'landing' in particular.

"Still, luckily the NHS hasn't got much on to deal with at the moment if it went wrong."

Another commented: "Wow that is sketchily close, I'd have thought they'd do a running jump to get some distance."