A PET owner has been warned to keep her dog under control after it bit a woman.

Wendy Davy's dog Buster was "dangerously out of control" in Crowborough.

Buster bit Kelly Eastwood, causing her an injury, Brighton Magistrates' Court heard.

So 61-year-old Davy has been ordered to keep Buster in check, or he will be put down.

The new rules state he must be kept in a safe environment where there is "no chance of accidental escape".

It means Davy will have to keep Buster in a reinforced crate in her kitchen, and keep the door firmly closed when visitors arrive at her flat.

Buster must not be able to see visitors as this may cause him to become agitated.

When in a garden, he must be kept on a long lunge line, and when he is being taken for a walk he must be muzzled and kept on a lead at all times.

Magistrates also said that Buster can only be walked by a responsible adult over the age of 18, and ordered Davy, of Heather Walk, Crowborough, to get third party insurance against him causing harm to other people.

Davy was ordered to pay £250 in compensation to Ms Eastwood over the incident in May 2019.

She must also complete 50 hours of unpaid work and 20 rehabilitation sessions, and pay an £85 surcharge and £85 costs.