HUNDREDS of people queued outside the Brighton Centre yesterday as the biggest vaccine roll out in NHS history continued.

A line of people that stretched the length of the building was pictured by a passerby.

The image showed masked elderly residents queueing to be among the first in the city to use the centre.

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust apologised to those who were forced to wait outside.

The mass vaccination site, which opened on Monday, is one of 32 that launched across the country this week.

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However, the long line of waiting patients caused Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle to warn those due to be vaccinated not to arrive early.

He said: “I am going to raise it with the CCG [Clinical Commissioning Group]. People need to be encouraged not to arrive early. The last thing people should do is arrive early at the centre.

“They should only join the queues when the appointment slot is due.

“When they arrive early, they should go for a walk on the seafront and sit on the benches there.

The Argus: The line outside the Brighton Centre. Credit: Sussex IncidentsThe line outside the Brighton Centre. Credit: Sussex Incidents

“I know that is difficult for older people but even if they sit in their car if they have driven there, sit in their car until their appointment slot.

“I will raise it with the CCG and ask to see what they are doing in terms of making sure people are scheduled at a time where it flows through.”

It comes as deaths from Covid-19 are currently at their highest in Brighton and Hove and are likely to remain high over the next few weeks.

The city’s director of public health Alistair Hill said the number of cases, dated from a positive test, is coming down across the city.

A Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said: “We apologise to anyone who found themselves waiting in a queue outside the Brighton Centre.

“We are keeping the appointment system under review and have opened additional screening stations to ensure that everyone can get inside quickly and easily to receive their vaccination.

“Our security teams and volunteers regularly check on anyone who is waiting and provide support where needed.

“We understand that people are keen to get their vaccination and in many cases are getting to the Brighton Centre early for their appointment, but please do not arrive more than five minutes before your allocated time.

“Our dedicated team of vaccinators is not able to see you any earlier.

“Our priority is keeping you and our staff and volunteers safe, so to make sure that there is enough space inside the Brighton Centre to maintain social distancing, you will have to wait outside until your appointment time.

“Please be assured that if you have an appointment you will be seen, there is no need to arrive early.

“We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.”