EDDIE IZZARD has announced that she intends to run for Parliament in a bid to become the UK’s first transgender MP.

Eddie, 58, who has been a member of the Labour Party since 1995, said she wanted to be considered for a run to “fight for Keir Starmer to be the next Prime Minister”.

The stand-up star from Bexhill has adopted the pronouns “her” and “she” and wants to be “based in girl mode from now on”.

“I wanted to stand in the last election but a seat wasn’t available – but I am here,” Eddie told the Sunday Mirror.

“I wish to stand, I wish to be considered for a constituency, I would love to be elected and I would love to fight for Keir Starmer to be the next Prime Minister.

“I don’t trust Boris Johnson. He has lied upon lied and that is not a good example to our children, to say if you lie enough you can become Prime Minister.”

Eddie has previously been spotted on the Labour campaign trail in previous elections – and will hope to follow the success of Sophie Cook from Brighton.

Transgender Ms Cook won the Labour party's “candidate of the year” after winning more than 20,000 votes at the 2017 general election.

The Argus: Sophie Cook and Jeremy Corbyn at a Labour Party gathering in 2017Sophie Cook and Jeremy Corbyn at a Labour Party gathering in 2017

She picked up 20,882 votes as a Labour candidate in the Worthing East and Shoreham constituency and was 5,000 votes away from beating Conservative MP Tim Loughton, who retained his seat.

Ms Cook would have been the country’s first transgender MP.

Eddie Izzard is currently “running for hope” in her Make Humanity Great Again campaign – which comes to an end today.

The campaign aimed for her to run 31 marathons, and performed 31 stand-up shows, in 31 days, in 31 virtual cities from across Europe and around the world - raising money to give to charities that “Make Humanity Great”.

Posting on Twitter this morning, she said: “Dawn over the Thames river in London. Day 31 - final day.

“30 marathons run so far and running an ultra-marathon today of 84.4km (52.4 miles). Start at 9am and hope to finish at midnight tonight.”

The campaign has raised £189,300 so far.