I JUST had to write and compliment whoever planned and carried out the Brighton Racecourse as a vaccine centre.

My husband and I attended for our vaccines on Sunday for our appointment at 8.50am.

From the start we were met at the entrance by a man who asked if we were disabled or could walk a short distance.

We were directed to a parking area where once again we were met by another helpful person who showed us the best places to park.

Once parked we followed a line of cones where lovely people were stationed who welcomed us warmly and directed us to the main door.

On arrival here we were met by various stations for sanitising hands. Each one was manned by friendly people who took our temperatures, checked our identity and directed us to the next position.

We were escorted to a cubicle (all sectioned off with social distancing).

Here our details were taken, questions asked about reactions etc and were given our jabs along with a piece of paper saying when we should leave the centre. In our case 9.05am.

After every person left, the chairs were cleaned with sanitised wipes.

We left at 9.05am again were escorted to the exit and asked about how we felt.

Thank you so much to everyone concerned with this enormous effort to keep us all safe.

Judy Morgan

The Highway