LABOUR'S transport spokesman Councillor Gary Wilkinson asks for action to reduce rat run traffic saying "residents are right to ask for something to be done" (Calls to curb the 'rat-run' traffic, The Argus, February 8).

He criticises residents for "trying to shave a few seconds off their journey by avoiding the main roads".

Does Councillor Wilkinson understand why rat-runs exist? It is because main arterial roads in the city are not flowing.

The same Labour Councillor Gary Wilkinson has voted four times with his Labour colleagues to keep the Old Shoreham Road temporary cycle lane in place against the will of residents, taking two lanes out of a four-lane main arterial road, forcing residents to use side streets instead to avoid the horrendous congestion.

Councillor Wilkinson, it is within your power to reduce the risk of rat runs in the city. Stop voting with the Greens to block up main arterial roads in the city with cycle lanes.

Cllr Dawn Barnett

Conservative councillor for Hangleton and Knoll Ward