RESIDENTS who helped create a "lovely playground" for the community have been left "extremely upset" after it was trashed by vandals.

More than £8,000 worth of damage has been caused to the site in Stanmer Park, Brighton, in a series of targeted attacks.

The playground's wooden panels were smashed, the slide was damaged and sharp screws were left sticking out, making it "extremely dangerous" for young children.

The playground cost £60,000 and was opened in September last year.

Stanmer Village residents Jamie and Viv cooper donated half of the installation cost as they wanted to help create "a safe area for village children to play".

Stanmer Park playground in Brighton was damaged by vandals

Stanmer Park playground in Brighton was damaged by vandals

In a statement, they said: "We’re extremely upset that the funds we gave to provide enjoyment to children with their families visiting Stanmer, including young and disabled children, should be abused in such a way, especially at a time when people are limited in their outings to their local parks."

Councillor Martin Osborne, ward councillor for Hollingdean and Stanmer, shared in their frustration at the vandals' mindless actions.

He said: “This damage is really appalling as £60,000 was spent installing what is a lovely playground for children to use.

“But, more importantly, it’s also extremely dangerous for children that are using the playground as bolts are being loosened and screws being left exposed.

"Our parks staff are having to continually check the equipment to ensure it’s safe for children to play on, but there aren’t the resources to do this every day.

"We’d like everyone to be on the alert and report any vandalism being carried out to the police on number 101 or by emailing"