A KILLER driver was released from prison only to be jailed again for domestic violence attacks.

Samuel Kirk, who served half his prison sentenced for killing a cyclist, carried out “degrading” assaults on his victim in Horsham.

The 33-year-old knocked the woman to the floor and poured drinks on her, before ripping off her bra.

He whipped her with the cable from a set of fairy lights, and kicked her, a court heard.

She had tried to leave Kirk and wanted him out, but he repeatedly forced his way into her home.

“I realised he was a narcissistic gaslighter who made out that everything was my fault,” she said.

On one occasion she awoke at 3am to find him in her bedroom after he broke in, and he punched her in the eye.

“I would have knocked you out if I hit you hard enough,” he boasted.

Kirk met his victim after being released from prison halfway through his six year sentence for killing cyclist Jennifer Hossack, 27, in Pulborough in September 2013.

He had already been banned from driving, and was driving drunk when as he tried to overtake another car, losing control of his Citroen on the A29 at Cadmore Hill.

After striking Ms Hossack, he fled the scene, but was later found, and admitted causing death by dangerous driving.

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At Hove Crown Court this week he admitted four new charges - assault occasioning actual bodily harm, using threatening or abusive behaviour, and two charges of criminal damage.

The victim said: “Our relationship can only be described as toxic. Every time I tried to get him out of my life, he would get me to rely on him even more.

“He would hound me with telephone calls, text messages and on social media. He was persistent and would not accept that I did not want his contact.

“I felt incredibly insecure and constantly anxious. My neighbours were on high alert and I was on edge at all times.”

“This abusive relationship changed the person I was,” she said. “I was just in survival mode.”

Eventually, Kirk followed her in his car to Pets at Home in Horsham, where he was seen abusing her by an off-duty police officer.

Kirk, of Staples Barn, Henfield, was jailed for 20 months and was put under a restraining order for five years.