WHILE so much of the world has ground to a halt over lockdown, a great number of Brighton and Hove's dedicated takeaways have continued to provide the city with a much-needed treat every once in a while.

So, to celebrate the amazing array of food residents can have delivered to their door, we asked readers which food business had been their go-to over the last 12 months.

Many opted for their favourite curry houses, others named the pizzerias they could not live without, and some nominated their local chippy.

Here is what readers said:

SmoQue Burger in Hanover, Brighton

SmoQue Burger in Hanover, Brighton

1. SmoQue Burger - Islingword Road, Hanover

Antony Brain nominated SmoQue burger in Hanover as his takeaway of choice.

The company, which also has a site in Burgess Hill, works with Sussex farms and suppliers to "guarantee that the food we produce for you is natural and fresh".

The website states: "We deliver to you hot and fresh handmade burgers and fries as quickly as we can. SmoQue’s burgers, fries and sides are all prepared in-house."

2. Curry Mahal - Portland Road, Hove

Kim Hobson said this was the "best Indian" takeaway option in the city.

The company describes itself as "the jewel of Hove", and is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Sussex.

It was set up in 1971, and has established a strong relationship with customers in the area.

The website states: "Our award-winning chef, Maruf Pathan, takes great pride in preparing each and every meal.

"Not only does he use the finest, freshest ingredients, but he ensures perfection and exquisite flavour with every mouthful."

3. Kismet - Portland Road, Hove

Julie Ward said she has been "using Kismet for years" and "it's always been the best for consistency and quality".

"The people in Kismet are great too the owner has been there for many years which says a lot," she added.

The family-run takeaway in Hove says its skilled chef "brings you a true taste of India", creating powerful flavours by "using the finest authentic ingredients".

4. Brighton Chippy - Terminus Road, Brighton

As weary travellers arrive in Brighton by train, one of the first sights they will see as they leave the station is Brighton Chippy.

Fortunately, the takeaway has a classic menu which will satisfy the rumbling stomachs of residents and tourists alike.

Fatto a Mano.

Fatto a Mano.

5. Fatto A Mano - Gloucester Road and London Road in Brighton, and Church Road in Hove

Nicola Jones said the pizzeria, which has three sites across Brighton and Hove, offers "great vegan options".

It offers meat-free twists on several of its dishes, including a Vegan N'Duja pizza which is topped with tomato, vegan n'duja sausage, roasted peppers, vegan cheese and basil.

And Nicola was not alone in selecting Fatto A Mano as her favourite takeaway in the city.

The website states: "Soft and pillowy, rather than thin and crispy or a pizza pie, our pizza dough is made on site every day, proved for a minimum of 24 hours, then topped by our pizziaoli, who cook every pizza in our oven at 450 plus degrees.

"The proving means we’re able to use minimal quantities of yeast in our dough, so our pizzas are light and easily digestible."

6. Suriya's Thai Kitchen - St George's Road, Brighton

Natalie Collins said Suriya's Thai Kitchen had been her go-to takeaway during lockdown "because their food is delicious".

The company has a blemish-free five-star rating on TripAdvisor with 112 customers giving it full marks.

One reviewer stated: "I love Thai food and Suriya’s Thai Kitchen has been my favourite since they opened a few years ago.

"The food is always delicious, fresh and clean. I can taste the fresh herbs and spices in the curries, and their pad Thai is very authentic."

7. Uncle Sam's - Carden Avenue and Montpelier Road in Brighton, and Queen's Parade in Hove

Uncle Sam's is Daniel Robinson's favourite takeaway in the city.

The burger specialists have sites all across Sussex, and has been serving up classic hamburgers in the county for almost half-a-decade.

8. Kogi - York Place, Brighton

"I'm in love with their food," one Argus reader gushed when asked why he could not get enough of Kogi's menu.

The restaurant and takeaway's Korean cuisine offers a range of meats and vegetables marinated in authentic flavours.

The website states: "Unlike Western cuisine where grilling is largely limited to steak or barbecued foods, grilling in Korean cuisine is a more common cooking method applied to a great variety of ingredients.

"It is also open to a broad range of flavours, depending on whether marinades are applied and, if so, the type of marinade sauce."

9. Anatolia - St James's Street, Brighton

Anatolia is a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant which offers delivery options.

One of the 256 people to leave the site a five-star review on TripAdvisor said: "If you loved grilled meat, this is the place for you."

Another added: "The food was spot on and very, very tasty. I loved it all."

Bayleaf in St Jamess Street, Brighton

Bayleaf in St James's Street, Brighton

10. Bayleaf Indian Restaurant and Takeaway - St James's Street, Brighton

Bayleaf believes that "tasting is believing", offering a variety of authentic dishes from all regions of India.

However, it specialises in Tandoori, Khorai and fish dishes.

The website states: "Our secret lies in sourcing fresh ingredients, along with decades of experience in the Indian food industry.

"Our chef meticulously mixes and blends the spices and herbs to create mouth-watering dishes for you to indulge and enjoy every time you visit."

11. Madame Eat - Boundary Road, Portslade

One Argus reader simply reviewed Madame Eat's food as, "amazing".

The company's premise is simple, "restaurant food for street food prices", and its customers certainly feel it delivers on this mission.

There is also plenty of variety on offer for hungry punters, with customers able to order a range of different cuisines including Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese.

12. Pizza 500 - Preston Road, Brighton

Looks can be deceiving, and that is certainly the case with Pizza 500. The unassuming site is tucked away in Preston Road, but is home to an accomplished kitchen serving traditional Italian food.

13. Sasso Pizza - Station Road, Portslade

Adam Muirhead nominated Sasso Pizza as his favourite takeaway in the city, making it the final pizzeria on this list.

The site only opened late last year, installing a pizza oven at the Portslade site ahead of opening so they were able to make "the original Neapolitan pizza...straight outta Italy".

14. Tikka Restaurant and Takeaway - Boundary Road, Hove

One Argus reader awarded Tikka Restaurant and Takeaway with the coveted title of "best Indian around", no small feat in a city with so many incredible curry houses.

The company's website states: "Tikka Restaurant uses only the very best ingredients to prepare your meal.

"In addition to the all time favourite Indian dishes, we also offer our own specialities creating unique meals for you to enjoy."