MORE than 382,000 people have received a Covid vaccine in Sussex, according to the latest government data. 

The publication reveals that the total number of cumulative doses administered by the Sussex Health and Care Partnership up to February 7 is 382,331 - this is the total of first and second vaccines. 

Sussex Health and Care Partnership have delivered the sixth highest number of doses in England. 

In priority group one, those aged 80 and above, 100,911 people have revealed their first dose.

However of that number, only 7,918 have recieved the second jab. 

Graph showing the number of vaccinations in Sussex up to Febraury 7 - Newsquest

68,674 Sussex residents aged between 74 and 79 have recieved their first dose - while only 104 of those have recieved their second dose. 

A similar number of those aged 70 to 74 have been vaccinated, with 68,868 getting their first dose with just 102 having their second jab, as of Feburary 7.  

Under 70s are the highest population group to have recieved their vaccine in the county with 131,459 getting their first dose and 4,295 getting their second.

The majority of under 70s currently recieving the vaccine are front line workers including NHS staff and care workers as well as those with disabilities. 

More than 15 million people in the UK have received their first dose of a Covid vaccine – just over two months since the first jab was administered.

The Argus:

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How many people have been vaccinated so far?

Initially the NHS reached out to the top four priority groups, including those over the age of 70 and health and care staff, aiming to offer the jab to everyone in this group by mid-February.

On Sunday the Government said 15 million people in the UK had received their first dose.

Government data up to February 13 shows that of the 15,599,904 jabs given in the UK so far, 15,062,189 were first doses – a rise of 505,362 on the previous day.

Some 537,715 were second doses, an increase of 2,846 on figures released the previous day.

When will they get their second dose?

The second dose of the jab can be delayed between four and 12 weeks. This means people receiving their jab today may be getting their second vaccine in May.

The people given their first jab on December 8 when the first Pfizer vaccines were administered will need to receive their second dose by March 2 to be within the 12-week window.

Which priority group will be offered the jab next?

In England, people aged 65 to 69 and those who are clinically vulnerable are being invited to book their Covid-19 jab as the vaccination programme moves into a new phase on Monday.

NHS England has already sent out 1.2 million invitations to the over-65s to book an appointment, with a similar number expected to go out this week.

The Government is aiming to get an offer of a vaccine to the estimated 17 million people in the next five groups by the end of April.

What will this mean for the NHS?

The impact of the vaccination programme will not be immediately felt in the NHS.

But the health service should soon start to see some big reductions in hospital admissions.

It has been estimated that giving people in the top nine priority groups the jab will reduce deaths by up to 99 per-cent.

I’m over 70 and I haven’t been offered my jab yet, what should I do?

The NHS changed messaging from ‘wait until we contact you’ to ‘contact us’ to ask people to book their jab.

Over-70s can book through the NHS website or by calling 119.