On the day Britney's breakout documentary airs for free in the UK we take a look back at the chaos caused when she performed at Brighton Pride.

The new film Framing Britney examines the star's rise to fame in the 90s through to her highly publicized breakdown in 2007 and the #FreeBritney movement.

It focuses around her court-mandated conservatorship overseen by her father, Jamie Spears, which allows him to control her finances and other aspects of her life. 

Anyone in Brighton at the time remembers the day Britney came to the city and the incredible yet chaotic euphoria her presence at Pride created. 

Record numbers turned up to Brighton to watch the iconic Hit Me Baby One More Time singer perform. 

After the Pride Parade ended at Preston Park a crowd of more than 50,000 gathered for Britney Spears’ sell-out performance on August 5, 2018.

Britney’s performance at Brighton Pride kicked off a European Tour of her Las Vegas show Piece of Me.

A show that will go down in Brighton history, she did however nearly forget which city she was in.

Fans reported hearing Britney shout at one of her back-up dancers, asking where they were, before shouting 'What's up Brighton Pride!" to the crowd. 

The moment went viral on social media with some slating the pop star, whilst others defended her mistake. 

The performance featured some of Britney’s most well known hits, including Womanizer and Toxic. At the end of the 90-minute show, the star danced with a rainbow flag.

Her iconic performance lived up to everyone's expectations and got the crowd in the party mood with high octane dance routines and a stellar dance troop.

However, after the concert things started to slip slightly out of control when the record number of revellers tried to make their way home.

As Pride partygoers left Preston Park thousands were directed into Grange Close - a dead end- by mistake. 

The residents of Nestor Court, home to the elderly, were shocked to look out of their windows and see youngsters snorting drugs, urinating in the road and having sex with each other on the grass.

The residents, mostly aged over-60, made futile attempts to get the revellers to stay out as a constant stream of people, estimated to total 20,000, came into the dead-end for two hours from 10.20pm.

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The Argus:

Revellers spill out on to Grange Close. Image - Argus

In the midst of the cul-de-sac rave an absolute calamity was under way at Brighton Railway Station as record numbers tried to get their last trains home. 

Thousands of people were temporarily marooned in Brighton after the police ordered the train station to suspend its services and temporarily close its gates - something the force had originally denied.

Passengers said the area around the train station descended into “mayhem”, with photos on social media bearing testament to the chaos as vast crowds amassed and people complained of being crushed.

Some people ended up being deserted and left sleeping on Brighton beachfront. 

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The Argus:

Front cover of The Argus Monday August 6 2018

Framing Britney is airing on Sky Documentaries this evening (16 February) after being released in the US earlier this month. 

To watch for free simply sign up to a free trial of NowTV and download their media viewer.