A MOTORIST was named in court after he was caught breaking the rules of the road 16 times.

Jesus Benito Fernandez Asta failed to identify the driver of a Vauxhall to the police over the offences in Shoreham.

The types of offences which drivers can fail to report to the police are set out in Schedule 2 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act.

It includes a variety of offences including vehicle safety checked, racing, eyesight, wearing a seatbelt, and most notably, speeding.

Asta, of Western Road, Hove, is understood to have driven a vehicle past a speed camera on the A270 Upper Shoreham Road 16 times.

Crawley Magistrates’ Court documents show the motorist did not identify the suspected driver to the police over incidents between June and September last year.

Asta was fined £660, with a £66 surcharge and £90 costs. He was banned from driving for two years.