A BINMAN accused of bludgeoning his partner to death with a plastic tray has been found guilty of her murder.

Wayne Morris, 47, flew into a rage and attacked Ruth Brown, 52, at her home in Collyer Avenue, Bognor.

The couple, who had been together for six years, had argued in previous weeks over lockdown plans.

After killing Ruth in the kitchen, he put her head under a cushion as she lay bloodied on the floor.

He took off his bloodstained shorts, put them in the washing machine and went to bed.

The Argus: The scene at Collyer Avenue, Bognor after Ruth Brown was murderedThe scene at Collyer Avenue, Bognor after Ruth Brown was murdered

Despite claiming he had no intention to kill her because he was “extremely drunk and extremely stoned”, the jury found Morris guilty of her murder.

Morris had told police that Ruth “kicked off” and during the row he had told her to “f*** off” as he stormed off to the spare room.

At Brighton Crown Court prosecutor Phillip Bennetts QC said it was a sign of his drunken anger which caused her killing.

Morris told jurors he “deeply loved” Ruth, and said if they usually had a row he would walk to his own home.

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But he said he did not walk out that night on April 8 last year because of the coronavirus lockdown and because he was “not thinking straight”.

He found her body the next day and moved her into her bed, then mopped the floor and cleared the pieces of the plastic tray he had struck her with.

The Argus: Wayne Morris pictured with Ruth Brown before he murdered her in BognorWayne Morris pictured with Ruth Brown before he murdered her in Bognor

During that day he went out to the shop to buy himself more cider, and ordered a takeaway, and the next day he saw his daughter Skye Morris and walked the dog.

The following day he sent text messages saying goodbye to his daughter Skye and sent a message to Ruth’s daughter Lauren Brown.

It read: “I didn’t mean to do anything, I’m leaving Bognor, I’m turning my phone off.”

Morris also sent a message to his brother Peter Brown, it read: “I’m in Wales by the beach, please be there for Skye, she’ll need you more than you’ll ever know as I’ve killed Ruth.”

The Argus: Ruth Brown was murdered in BognorRuth Brown was murdered in Bognor

He went on the run and was arrested at a campsite on the Isle of Wight.

Restaurant and bar worker Ruth Brown, originally from Glasgow, had been in a relationship with Morris for several years.

Now Morris, of Larch Close, Bognor, has been told he faces a life sentence by Her Honour Judge Shani Barnes.

He will be sentenced tomorrow.