A ROW over the first coronavirus lockdown may have been a reason behind a murder case.

Wayne Morris, 47, was found guilty of killing Ruth Brown, 52, at her home in Bognor last April.

At Brighton Crown Court it was revealed how binman Morris had separated from an abusive former partner who was a heroin addict, and raised his daughter Skye Morris as a single parent.

She was friends with Lauren Brown, Ruth Brown’s daughter.

Morris said he first met Ruth when she worked at the Claremont Inn in Bognor. She was originally from Glasgow while he is originally from Cannock in Staffordshire.

When their girls were aged 11, Morris and Ms Brown first started seeing each other as a couple.

Lauren referred to him as “Daddy Morris”.

They had rows with each other, but would usually reconcile, the court heard.

But last year as the lockdown was announced, Ruth was worried about catching Covid-19.

She had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which put her at risk, and both her children had left home.

Ruth was upset that Morris continued to work as a binman, but after a row, the couple eventually agreed that Morris, of Larch Close, Bognor, would move back in.

But another possible cause of angst between them was how Morris would frequently return to his home to see his daughter.

The pair argued, and in a rage Morris attacked her and killed her with a plastic tray in her kitchen at Collyer Avenue. He now faces life in prison.