Viewers were left shouting at their TV screens after a historic Sussex hotel room was given a gaudy makeover on Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr. 

The designer of the room, Jonathan Burns from Worthing, said that his 'maximal' vision would be like a 'slap in the face'. 

Alan Carr described the shocking transformation of the dated country hotel room as a suite perfect for the "bride of Frankenstein". 

The bridal suite was turned into a 'bonkers' space full of 'headache inducing' colours and patterns. 

The Argus:

Maximalism is a loud style composed of mixed patterns, excessive but curated collections and saturated colours - the complete opposite of minimalism. 

In the third episode of the hit show contestants were tasked with redesigning rooms at 19th Century Highley Manor in Haywards Heath. 

Half of the group were asked to fit the brief of 'understated glamour and subtle luxury' while the other four designers channelled a 'decadent and maximal finish'.

Designer Jonathan Burns fell into the latter group and promised: "My room is going to look completely different, it's going to be a slap in the face."

When he walked into  the room mid-makeover Jon said: "Oh my God I'm mindblown, it looks exactly like I thought it would.

"I absolutely love it."

The Argus:

Jon was chuffed with the way his design turned out (Screenshot BBC iPlayer)

The ornate corniced ceiling was given accents of primary green which were set off by bold chevron wallpaper.

The rooms was laiden with clashing wallpaper including tropical animal wallpaper in the panelling inserts. 

The finished result certainly hit the maximalist brief with bold clashing prints covering every inch of space. 

However the combination of primary colours and wallpapers proved too much for the judges - and the viewers. 

The Argus:

Michelle Ogundehin and guest judge Kit Kemp, founder of Firmdale Hotels, were unimpressed when they walked into Jonathan's finished space. 

Ogundehin said: "Oh my goodness. Every single surface is covered and coloured and patterned.

"There is a point when too much is just too much."

The Argus:

Kemp agreed: "It is very worrying for the eye and it is just a bit frantic."

However, Michelle Ogundehin said: "The issue is Jon has gone so bonkers with all the pattern it makes you overlook what are some really clever things he's done in this room."

The judges' views were echoed on Twitter, with people left despairing at Jonathan's room and the show as a whole.

One comment said: "Still catching up but really, Jon's room is truly hideous, mistaking opulence with vomit inducing clashing patterns."

The Argus:

Another said: "I'm slightly surprised the judges didn't end up in A&E when they walked into Jon's room". 

The Argus:

Other viewers were saddened to see the back of Jon with one saying: 'Gutted for Jon he had natural flair'. 

Another said: "So sorry to see Jon leave. Just loved his personality always smiling and so gracious til the end". 

The Argus:

The Argus:

The next episode of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr is on next Tuesday on BBC2 at 8pm.