A MAN "desperate for pleasure" has been caught on camera stealing £600 of sex toys from a shop in Brighton.

An inflatable sex doll, vibrators and nipple clamps were among the items taken from Taboo on Tuesday afternoon.

The man captured on CCTV can be seen approaching the shop wearing a camouflaged rucksack, before picking up the products that had been left for customer collection.

The shop in Surrey Street is one of the city's oldest sex shops and has featured in its own TV show, A Very British Sex Shop, on Channel 4.


Owner Tim Richardson said the man caught on CCTV taking the products must have been "pretty desperate for pleasure".

He said: "We are trying to provide a local service to our customers as most of them are shielding and can't get out. This is the next best thing we can do for our customers and to try and keep our heads above water.

The Argus: Left to right, Taylor Richardson, Calandra Balfour, Tim Richardson, Kizzy Richardson, Jessica Everitt and Nancy Barry.Left to right, Taylor Richardson, Calandra Balfour, Tim Richardson, Kizzy Richardson, Jessica Everitt and Nancy Barry.

The service itself has been really popular and we do a non-contact delivery service that puts a smile on their face and keeps us going as well.

"I would think the person is pretty desperate. I would think that they know exactly what was inside because it is really clear what the shop is.

"Maybe they just needed to get some sex toys. Desperate for some pleasure."

Other stolen products include a sex aid, a spanking paddle and a vegan bondage bed restraint set.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said there was no record of the crime being reported to the force.

The Argus: The man seen taking the productsThe man seen taking the products

Mr Richardson, owner of Taboo, in Surrey Street, and Lust, in Gardner Street, sells adult toys, movies and accessories alongside his son, daughter, ex-wife, and current partner.

The interesting family involvement in the team that runs Taboo and Lust drew nationwide attention and was the focus of the show on Channel 4.

Such was the popularity of the programme that the websites for both Lust and Taboo crashed after just ten minutes of air time.

Stand-out moments from the programme included Tim showing his family new sex toys for the store.

These included a “milking machine”.