WHAT a shame that another member of the Royal Family decided to cast aside his responsibilities to his birth family and the country.

In the case of Edward VIII, who was king for 326 days, his marriage to American socialite divorcee Wallis Simpson inevitably resulted in his abdication.

But in the case of Prince Harry, who married divorcee Meghan Markle, his severance was unnecessary, especially as she had been embraced by the Royal household.

Interestingly, Edward and Harry had more in common than their wives. Both were popular princes in their youth who became passionate about their military careers.

Suffice to say, there are other similarities, the most significant being that they both met American women for whom they sacrificed their destiny.

Certainly Edward, who became the Duke of Windsor and his wife became celebrities, but research doesn’t suggest they lived happily ever after.

According to Harry and Meghan their departure from this country was prompted by the need for "privacy". Certainly Harry has continued to harbour a grudge against the "paparazzi" who he blames for his mother’s death – regardless of the facts.

Whatever the position, both of them were aware that their roles in the Royal Family would attract media attention – a factor that applies to all members of the family and from which we benefit as a country.

So what do they do? They sneaked out of the country and in short time had signed up with Netflix – who will want its pound of flesh – and court publicity.

We now learn that they have recorded a "tell-all" TV special with Oprah Winfrey, a high-profile billionaire publicist. Given that they have spent a significant amount of time engaging in self-pity and self-exoneration it will be interesting to see how they are led through this divulgence.

In the meantime, their introversion continues to be exhibited, with the announcement of the happy news that they are expecting another baby, with a Disneyesque photo for general release, of them reclining in an idyllic setting and revealing the bump.

You couldn’t make it up.

Neil Kelly

Tredcroft Road