Chris Eubank was the latest star to appear on Piers Morgan's Life Stories. 

In the tell-all interview with Morgan last night, Eubank revealed how a court in Hove saved his career.

The latest episode approached some of the most controversial and challenging times in Eubank's life, from his childhood delinquency and addiction to shoplifting to his fight with Michael Watson. 

At the start of the show Morgan asked Eubank about his eccentricity and flair, something he is famous for, asking him where he got his accent from. 

Eubank, 54, revealed he had achieved his voice by watching episodes of upstairs downstairs. He said: "I lived downstairs, but I was heading up". 

The former world super-middleweight champion's determination to succeed in life was one of the main themes of the interview.  

As a teenager Eubank revealed how he had been part of a gang that would steal clothes and sell them on to make some cash. 

Eubank explained that they would hire a taxi for the day to take them into central London where they would steal designer clothes and sunglasses. 


When Morgan asked what he did with all of the clothes Eubank replied: "I'd sell them on and keep the good ones".

This lifestyle quickly spiralled and Eubank ended up getting arrested and appearing in a Hove courthouse. 

In the interview he explained how the judge at Hove court saved his career. 

Appearing for shoplifting charges, the judge had been told how Eubank was a budding professional boxer with a promising career ahead of him. 

Eubank revealed that the judge at Hove court told him: "I'm not going to penalise you or give you a sentence. I'm going to give you a chance to realise your dream."

This signalled a real turning point in Eubank's life and he said: "I never broke the law again". 

Morgan pushed Eubank to find out if he was "ashamed" of his shoplifting days. 

However Eubank explained his actions were that of a child, he was only a teenager at the time. 

The tell-all interview continued to delve into Eubank's life and spending habits.

Morgan revealed how Eubank had spent all of his money from boxing on expensive clothes, cars and his truck that he would famously drive around Brighton in. 

The Argus:

Chris Eubank with his old truck outside Number 10

In the height of his career Eubank would fly his hairdresser down from Manchester three times a week, spending more than £100,000 - something he explained was necessary because of his TV appearances. 

Eubank frequently spent excessive amounts on clothing, including £1,200 on a pair of jodpers - this lifestyle eventually saw him filing for bankruptcy in 2009.

After being declared bankrupt Eubank lost everything and slept in his famous truck - something he explained was a "good thing" because it had taught him a "lesson". 

Piers Morgan's Life Stories with Chris Eubank Sr is available to catch up with via the streaming service the ITV Hub with episodes airing each Thursday at 8.30pm.