PARENTS are calling for plant-based diets in the city’s schools.

Campaigners want Brighton and Hove City Council to ensure children have at least two plant-based days a week in a bid to tackle climate change.

Plant-based dishes include breakfast tofu scramble, cauliflower rice bowl with black beans and zucchini chips, according to

A petition to the council calling for the scheme was created by Alison Plaumer and has now been signed by 21 people.

It calls for a carefully managed transition to “at least two plant-based days in all state-run schools as soon as is practically possible”.

The petition reads: “We also request that all council run events be plant based, post pandemic, plus any other council run establishments, for example day centres, in order to reduce food emissions.

“Food production alone is set to push Earth past 1.5°C of warming according to an Oxford University meta-analysis in 2018.

“If we don’t change what we do with food, we would miss the 1.5°C target within 30 to 45 years, according to Professor Michael Clark.

“He said ‘the most effective one seems to be transitioning to a plant-based diet’.

“And adds ‘animal agriculture and fishing industries are leading causes of deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution, biodiversity loss, and species extinction’.”

The Petition was started on Monday and runs to June 13.