The latest lockdown has been difficult for us all, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In the middle of winter with short days and long dark nights it's fair to say there have been moments when lockdown seemed never ending. 

Between missing our friends and family and praying for our eldest relatives to get the vaccine - there's a lot we've missed out on since the start of lockdown. 

But things are starting to look up again as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to set out his road map out of lockdown on Monday.

There are some early suggestions on what it could look like, however Mr Johnson also said to take any leaked information with a "pinch of salt" as decisions hadn't been finalised.

But which restrictions would Sussex residents like to see lifted first? 

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We asked our Facebook page and here's what our readers said:

Non-essential shops and businesses opening: 

Known for our bustling high streets and independent shops, which are sadly in decline as a result of the pandemic, people can't wait to get back to business as usual.

Rachel Newington said: "Non essential shops/businesses so I can get back to work!"


The Argus:

People can't wait to go to the hairdressers for a spot of pampering and TLC (Unsplash)

Rightly fed-up of lockdown do's and box-dyes the residents of Sussex can't wait to get back to the hairdressers and barbers. 

Nicola Sacks said: "Hairdressers - I desperately need a haircut!"

Louise Cutler Ellis said: "Hairdresser - I am going grey very quickly and need it sorted."

Kel Chittenden said: "Hairdresser, I’m beginning to look like a bushman!"

Cafes and coffee shops

It really is the simple things in life we've missed like our favourite coffee - which is never to be taken for granted again.

Luckily there are plenty to choose from in Sussex!

Heather Pullen said: "Schools first and then my local coffee shop. I really miss a nice caramel latte and an hour to catch up with a good book.

"Yes I know I can do that at home but it's not the same."

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Home workouts just don't quite hit the spot like a real gym. 

Good for our mental and physical health lots of residents have been calling for gyms to be one of the first things to open up.

Lucy Jane Alexander said: "Gyms! Given that mental health has far more victims than covid."

Donna Brooks said: "Hairdressers, nail bars and gyms."

Bars, pubs and restaurants: 

The Argus:

Lots of our readers want the hospitality trade to be one of the first restrictions to be lifted (Unsplash)

Whether it's a cheeky cold one at lunch time or the joy of not having to cook for yourself - we all miss our beloved hospitality industry.

Louise Day said: "Hospitality. Miss bars and eating out."

Athena Ann said: "I know it’s not a priority, but clubs! The things that keep us sane." 


Juggling homeschooling with keeping a tidy home, a job and your sanity is a mammoth task - rightfully so parents are willing for schools to reopen.

Kat Lecheminant-Pay said: "Schools. Sod everything else."

Amy Gradidge said: "Hairdressers and schools."

Roxy Stein said: "Schools and then mixing with friends and family."

Letting family and friends mix: 

Lockdown is a lonely time, our beloved family and friends have been more missed than ever. 

Lots of people are willing for the government to let us see our loved ones.

Daniel Hider said: "The one where I can see my family."

Tricia Corpe: "Households mixing and camping."

Jackie Howell echoes the sentiments of lots of us across sussex. She said: "Care homes so I can see my mum."

Janet Davis said: "Meeting family even if it's with social distancing - miss them so much."

Vernon Davies said: "Family and meeting friends." 

When will lockdown restrictions be lifted?

We should know on Monday what the road out of lockdown will look like.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will set out what happens next towards the lifting of restrictions.

Schools will reopen first, likely on March 8, with further restrictions to be eased afterwards.