A takeaway customer who complained when their meal did not contain a complimentary poppadom was shocked to be confronted by the restaurant's owner on his doorstep.

The man had treated himself to an Indian in Haywards Heath on Friday night but left an unfavourable review online after finding his side was missing.

Police received a call from the customer yesterday afternoon saying the angry owner of the takeaway had turned up at his house, sparking a "verbal altercation".

Mid Sussex Prevention Inspector Darren Taylor said: "Yesterday we received a phone call from a male living in Haywards Heath.

"He had treated himself to a takeaway the night before and decided to leave a review online - he ordered through Just Eat.

"He was not very impressed with his meal. He said it should have come with a free poppadom.

"The owner of the takeaway clearly took umbrage with his review. Next thing you know, the owner of said restaurant turned up at his place and started verbally challenging him on the doorstep."

The man phoned police yesterday to report the verbal altercation.

"We have been informed and the situation is going no further," Inspector Taylor said.

"People are entitled to their opinion, and to leave a review. But we would not recommend people go to other people's doorsteps and challenge them about it."