A BRIGHTON MP was at the centre of a row with police demanding the details of a woman who took part in a protest.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle challenged officers who approached the woman and asked for her address after taking part in a protest in support of domestic support charity Rise.

As many as 50 people gathered on the seafront to demonstrate against the decision to strip the charity of its £5 million contract to provide support in the city.

In the video captured by The Argus, the Kemptown MP can be seen at the centre of the debate, questioning why the officers needed the details of the woman.

The woman, who was leading chants, claimed not to be the "organiser" and refused to give her details to prevent a potential £10,000 fine.

The Argus: Police watched on Police watched on

Current lockdown restrictions mean people must stay at home and only go out if you have "a reasonable excuse".

You are not to meet people socially unless you live together or form a support bubble.

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People breaking these rules can face fines, including an £800 penalty for those attending house parties of more than 15 people - and a £10,000 fine for the organisers.

As the officers grew increasingly frustrated, one can be heard to ask Lloyd Rusell-Moyle if he was the one who organised the event.

He responded: "I may or may not have.

"You know where Peter Kyle and I are, so why not contact us who are both here at a legitimate socially distanced protest.

"I am happy to give you my details because my details are in the public domain."

The officer then appears to answer the phone, before walking away from the confrontation for a period of time.

The woman continues to refuse to hand her details over to the police and after not being detained, began to leave the area.

She said: "We all want to go home, this whole thing has been really upsetting.

"I'm not giving you my details and if that means you arrest me then go for it.

"I need the toilet and want a drink of water so I am going."

Upon leaving, she was followed by the three officers, who attempted to walk after her.

Police then stopped giving chase as the woman and Lloyd Russell-Moyle crossed the road and left the area.

A spokesman from Sussex Police said: "While on community safety patrols in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, police came across a group of people holding a protest in Lower Kings Road, Brighton, on Saturday at 12 noon.

"The group were spoken to by officers who informed them that they were in breach of the Regulations and needed to disperse, which they did shortly afterwards.

"The organiser has been identified and police are reviewing evidence with a view to taking action against her for breach of Covid rules."