A DESIGNER has launched his popular creative building kits for home use so parents can get children making things during lockdown.

Product designer David Eckold has been creating education kits, toys and publications for more than 20 years.

His TechCard kits, which are made with quality cardboard and can be used to build all kinds of moving models, were originally developed for use in schools to teach Design and Technology and Science.

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The cardboard Meccano-like construction systems have been used in schools around the world for the past two decades.

The Argus: A model made with TechCardA model made with TechCard

Now parents can purchase TechCard Make and Create kits for children to develop their building skills and inspire an interest in engineering from home.

TechCard, which can be cut to any size or shape, has been used in schools to teach children about materials and structures.

It also helps them understand simple mechanisms such as levers, wheels and axles, cams and pulleys, as well as forces such as friction, gravity, tension and compression.

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David, who lives just outside Rye, said: “A key principle behind TechCard is ‘hands on learning’ – that children can learn by doing and through play.

“Building, designing and exploring working mechanical models can make complex concepts in science and technology much easier to understand and makes learning memorable.

“It came about to address a need in primary schools when design and technology was introduced, but it has long been an aim to make TechCard available for home use.

“It can provide the perfect link between early years ‘junk modelling’ and sophisticated construction systems.

The Argus: Designer David EckoldDesigner David Eckold

“Covid-19 has brought this aim forward as TechCard can be an ideal resource at home, bringing science and technology to life and making homeschooling fun.”

David previously ran an adventure playground in South London for ten years.

He became interested in the value of play and creative thinking as an important learning tool, and set up a project within an educational charity, designing low cost equipment for schools.

He said: “I became interested in how important play is in learning.

“Too often play is not given credit for its educational value and is thought of as being frivolous.

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“With TechCard, kids are often using skills they already have to make these working moving models.

“There are all sorts of models you can make, from vehicles like little trucks to puppets and mechanical monsters.

“You can make a balloon-powered car to race across the floor or a merry-go-round.

“Hopefully, the kits are a starting point for kids to go on and make other things themselves.”

The Argus:

TechCard kits come with card which is readily scored and punched with holes for easy folding and alignment

However, the different components can be used to make all kinds of models, and not just specific designs.

David said: “The beauty of TechCard is you get these basic elements and you can build with them any way you want.

“We’re hoping parents will see it as a way to cover key topics in Science and Design and Technology. But we also really want to fire kids’ imaginations.”

To find out more or to purchase TechCard kits, visit techcard.co.uk.