A DANGEROUS dog owner has been told his pet could be destroyed after it bit a teenager.

Bella, an American bulldog was “dangerously out of control” when it left the youngster injured in Edinburgh Road, Hastings.

Her owner Ray Potter appeared before magistrates last month over the dog attack.

He admitted the dog was out of control and caused injury to the teenager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Potter was told Bella could be put down unless strict rules are now obeyed.

Bella must be muzzled to prevent the risk of her biting people or other dogs.

She must be walked on a secure lead, and only by someone who is aged over 18, Hastings Magistrates’ Court ordered.

If the conditions are not met, Bella “shall be destroyed”, the dog contingent destruction order says.

Potter, 50, of Conqueror Road, St Leonards, was ordered to pay £300 compensation to the boy and £85 costs following the hearing on February 17.