AN actor has hinted that his latest television series might not be what fans are expecting. 

John Simm will play the starring role in ITV series Grace, which is based on Peter James’s best-selling novels about Brighton-based detective Roy Grace.

But while the production team have attempted to stay true to the novels, John has said that it might not meet some people’s expectations.

The Argus: Grace was filmed at locations across Sussex Grace was filmed at locations across Sussex

Speaking to The Mirror, he said that the cast and crew tried to “delicately balance” the novel against the television production.

He said: “A novel isn't a TV show, and a TV show isn't a novel.

"While we're trying to be true to source material, it's a TV show and so fans of the novel... some of them will be up in arms because it won't be the characters they had in their head.

"But there's nothing we as actors can do about that, we just have to serve the script and what is in front of us."

The Doctor Who actor said that while not everyone will be happy with it, he does not wish to spend time worrying about it.

He said: "I can't really be worrying if the people who are into the novels won't like it.

"You have to take it from the standpoint of nobody knows the novels and nobody knows what is going to happen, and that it is a separate entity.

"At the same time we are being as true as we can be to Peter’s novels."

Filming for the series took place in locations across Brighton and Hove last year, well as Shoreham and Peacehaven.

Peter James said that he was “blown away” after seeing the final cut of the first episode.

He also praised John and Richie Campbell, who takes the role of DS Glenn Branson, for their performances.

Writing on social media, Peter, who has a home in Henfield, said: “It is really faithful to the novel, John Simm and all the cast are just terrific – there is a wonderful chemistry between him and Richie Campbell – and the city of Brighton and Hove looks truly glorious.

“A huge thanks to all involved with the production you have done such wonderful work bringing my characters to life and capturing the true texture of Brighton.”

The first of two new specials, Dead Simple, launches next month, with the second film planned for later in the year.

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