A DEAD porpoise was found on a beach.

Brighton Dolphin Project, a charity project of the World Cetacean Alliance, attended Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne on Sunday following reports a sea creature had been found on the shingle.

The project said there was no obvious cause of death and it looked to be in good condition prior to death.

The Argus: The porpoise was found on Sunday, February 28The porpoise was found on Sunday, February 28

Thea Taylor, Brighton Dolphin Project Co-Lead, said: “Thank you to everyone that reported the harbour porpoise.

“We went to inspect the body and confirmed it was an adult male in good condition at time of death.

“We also reported this to the cetacean strandings investigation programme.”

The charity said it is the fourth stranded harbour porpoise that has been reported to them this year.

The latest stranding follows the discovery of a dead common dolphin on Southwick Beach on Wednesday, February 24.

It was found with rope wrapped around its tail, leading the project to suggest the dolphin had been a victim of by-catch.

This is where fish and marine creatures become trapped by fishing nets, but they are thrown back due to being unwanted.

Two conger eels and a thornback ray were also found dead on Sussex beaches last week.

The largest of the eels was found on Ferring Beach and had an estimated length of between 4ft and 6ft.