TWO Sussex towns have been named on a list of the rainiest places in the UK.

Britain has long been stigmatised as a rainy nation and even seaside towns get their fair share of showers.

The list used data from the Met Office to find the average annual rainfall in millimetres (mm) for towns and cities in the UK with a population over 100,000.

The figures were then broken down to find out the average amount of rainfall each month and the average number of days it rains in each place.

The numbers were then sorted from highest to lowest and the top 20 places compiled by a shower website.

And Eastbourne ranked 18th on the list – despite being on the “Sunshine Coast.”

The town gets an average of 66mm on rain each month with October the heaviest month for downpours.

On the slightly drier side of life are Hastings residents, with monthly average rainfall of 63mm.

The town ranked just outside the top 20, coming in at 21.

Here you can expect it to rain for an average of ten days each month with the worst month being November with an average of 96mm of rain.

The South East has been ranked as the second rainiest region with four places making up the top 20, including High Wycombe, Eastbourne, Southampton, and Hastings.

Taking the lead and upholding Wales' bad weather reputation with an average of 96mm of rain each month is Cardiff.

People living here can expect an average of 12 days of rain each month with December the heaviest month for downpours with 125 mm of rain.

Following behind is Glasgow with an average of 94mm of rain monthly.

In third place is Huddersfield with 86 mm of rainfall on average every month and Plymouth takes fourth place with 84mm of rain.

Places had to be near weather stations to be considered in this study carried out by