Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared on American television on Monday to discuss their stepping down as senior royals and more with renowned talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

The two-hour conversation, which aired on ITV last night, included several revelations from the royal couple and has triggered a huge reaction from viewers across the world.

This included Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, from Newick, who branded the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's comments as a "disgraceful betrayal of the Queen and the royal family".

But he has since faced opposition from the likes of co-presenter Alex Beresford and mental health charity Mind, relating in particular to his dismissal of Meghan's discussion about her suicidal thoughts at the height of her crisis in the monarchy.

This is how viewers in Sussex reacted to the interview:

Denise Clark said that Harry and Meghan's move away from the royal family, with the pair now living in California, was the "best thing they did".

She said: "I think she had a real problem being in the royal family household/firm, or whatever they are called.

"It’s a restrictive lifestyle and, like Diana, she wasn’t prepared for it. I think the best thing they did was move away. Good for them.

"I’m glad he has put his wife and child first. They love each other and that is all that matters."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Others felt they had been disrespectful to the royal family by discussing issues in such a public arena.

Rebecca Alison Yates said: "I’m sorry but why would they go on a tv show and say things about their family? I’m sorry, but that is just low.

"They are just doing it for the money and making the royal family look bad. It states on another article that the queen isn't watching it.

"Maybe the rest of the royals should go on a chat show and put their side to it as there are two sides to every story."

Meghan and Harry

Meghan and Harry

Pippa Truter added: "With everything that's going on in the world today, it's sad that they find it necessary to air their dirty laundry in public. Rather low I feel.

"(There is ) so much more that their public status could have maybe helped address in this troubled world we live in."

But Orlanda Bullock called for more empathy from those criticising Meghan, and discussed the widespread reaction to Meghan's comments on her mental health.

Orlanda said: "So this is how it happens then, people become too busy judging when they hear the word suicide that they forget that it’s a real thing and not just some social media trend.

"(I don't) really think we can debate someone else's feelings.

"Instead of bashing on someone in the public eye for opening up, maybe take that time to turn to your loved ones and check in with them and see how they're truly managing during current times."