THE long-awaited TV debut of fictitious detective Roy Grace is finally upon us.

The popular character, the creation of top-selling crime author Peter James, will appear on our screens at 8pm tomorrow in the first episode of Grace.

Much of the show was filmed in Brighton and Hove last year, with plenty of the city’s landmarks, including both piers and the Hove beach huts, and The Argus all featuring in the trailer which was unveiled earlier this month.

The ITV drama is an adaptation of the Sussex author’s international bestselling book Dead Simple and stars Life On Mars actor John Simm as the protagonist.
The Argus: John Simm as Detective Superintendent Roy GraceJohn Simm as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace
He appears alongside the likes of Richie Campbell as Grace’s police partner Detective Superintendent Glenn Branson and Rakie Ayola as his superior, Assistant Chief constable Alison Vosper.

Together, the officers must investigate the mysterious disappearance of a successful property developer who went missing during his stag do, days before his wedding.

Ahead of the release of the 120-minute feature, the stars of Grace have spoken about their characters, filming on the Sussex coast and more.
John Simm said: “Roy Grace is a high ranking detective.

“When we first meet him, he has been diverted to investigate cold cases where his career is stagnating.

“Then his friend DS Glenn Branson asks for his help on a case he is working on.

“Branson takes a big risk bringing Grace back into the fold to help on the first case.

“He does it because Grace is really good at his job and has been his mentor in a way. But also they are best friends and Branson can’t stand to see Grace wallowing in this dead end job after his wife went missing.
The Argus: John Simm during filming in BrightonJohn Simm during filming in Brighton
“Grace’s wife has gone missing some years before this and he hasn’t been able to solve the mystery of what has happened to her.

“Branson gives him a lot of leeway, and is trying to help out his friend, while also needing his friend’s help.

“It’s a mutually beneficial situation.”

Simm appears to have quickly developed an affinity for his character and hopes to return to the role time and time again.

“There are 17 Roy Grace novels so far and the wonderful thing was that Peter James said he was writing the new ones with me in his head this time which is great,” he said.

“He is a prolific writer. I just hope people like what we have done and we get to do some more.”
Simm also grew close to co-star Richie Campbell, who plays fellow detective Glenn Branson.
The Argus: John Simm and Richie Campbell in front of the West Pier in BrightonJohn Simm and Richie Campbell in front of the West Pier in Brighton
“Richie and I hit it off immediately which is really lucky, chemistry is a really big deal,” Simm said.

Campbell was quick to return the compliment.

He said: “John is a brilliant actor. He couldn’t believe I’d never seen Life On Mars, he was like, ‘What?’. I knew him from Human Traffic.

“John is very collaborative, which is how I like to work. It’s that element of being an ensemble and working through things together. I love all of that and we laughed all day long.

“But, when it was time to focus and work, we were on it, that goes for all of the team.”

Campbell also stressed the importance of Brighton in Grace.
The Argus: John SimmJohn Simm

He said: “Grace shows the Brighton a lot of people know – the pier, the beach and the front.

“But it also shows another side, with a dark underbelly in these stories.

“Brighton is a really interesting place and we got a lot of good feedback from the locals.

“I fell in love with Brighton filming this, we got lucky with some great locations, both in the centre, by the sea and nearby.”

Grace and Branson both answer to Assistant Chief Constable 
Alison Vosper, portrayed by Rakie Ayola.

She frequently finds she has her work cut out watching over the two detectives, but is more than up to the challenge.

Ayola said: “She has gone through the ranks. Now, in her role, she’s managing multiple teams and overseeing several cases.
The Argus: Assistant Chief Constable  Alison Vosper, portrayed by Rakie AyolaAssistant Chief Constable  Alison Vosper, portrayed by Rakie Ayola
She’s firm but fair, hard working, with terrific managerial skills.”

Ayola described the depths she went to in order to create her character.

She said: “I created a whole backstory for myself which I took from the real-life stories of high ranking women in the police force. It’s a story only I know.

“I’ve not spoken to Peter James to find out if it’s anything like the one he imagined for her.”