A FOUL-MOUTHED hoaxer caused a bomb scare at the airport because he “felt hard done by”, a court heard.

Paul Hudson was seen at Gatwick Airport making claims that there was a bomb on board a flight.

The racist 46-year-old shouted: “I have a f****** bomb, I’m not f****** joking, I’m going to make the police work for their money today.”

Norwegian Airlines staff called in the threat, and Hudson fled the airport.

As he was arrested at a ticket barrier he racially abused a rail staff worker, and said he didn’t care if he was a racist.

At Lewes Crown Court he was jailed for 14 months after admitting a bomb hoax and racially aggravated harassment.

Will Martin, prosecuting, said the incident unfolded in October last year, telling the airline staff there was a bomb on the next flight.

There was “unease at Hudson’s behaviour”, and though some did not believe his bomb threats, checks had to be done.

Hudson was previously banned from entering the airport in 2011, the court heard, but often chose to sleep there.

He shouted: “The police are not here yet. They are quick to wake me up but not quick to get here. I thought they would be here by now.

Mr Martin said: “The defendant was arrested and denied being at the airport.

“He was shouting f*** off at the officers and called the officers c**** . Other people in the station could hear him.

The defendant saw a black rail worker and said ‘What are you f****** looking at ****’. Mercifully the worker did not hear this, but the police did.

“He said he didn’t care if he was a racist and said ‘I hate r*******, I have served in Afghanistan.”

Fiona Clagg, defending, said there was no suggestion that Hudson had managed to get airside in the airport and many staff thought he was not capable of what he claimed.

He had made the threats to shop workers and airline desk staff.

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Hudson had been drinking heavily in Brighton before the incident and said he had not behaved like that before.

Ms Clagg said he had “sincere remorse” for his actions and was “embarrassed by his behaviour”.

His Honour Judge Stephen Mooney told Hudson, of no fixed address, he cannot keep coming back before the courts for “one ridiculous and revolting offence after another” and told the defendant it was time he grew up and started behaving like a “decent human being.

The judge said: “It seems to me these offences are much less about your mental health and more about a really unpleasant side to your personality.

“Because you were fed up with being moved on by the police, you thought you would just make life difficult for them, and indeed you did so on this occasion.

“We live in a world where people are frightened about many things, and bomb threats are particularly serious because it frightens the entire travelling public.”