A HOOLIGAN stalked two victims before stabbing them from behind with a needle.

Alex Gilbertson targeted a Southern Rail worker over his failure to have a ticket at Shoreham Station.

The 44-year-old had eventually been let through the barrier at the station by Victor Masarenhas.

But the next day as Mr Mascarenhas was on the train he felt a sharp pain in the back of his leg as Gilberston stabbed him from behind.

A few months later Gilbertson targeted Thomas Clift in the station itself, after Mr Clift had seen the thug glaring at him and riding a bicycle in circles outside.

Gilbertson also stabbed him from behind with a needle as he tried to get to safety behind the ticket barrier.

At Lewes Crown Court, 44-year-old Gilbertson was jailed for four and a half years over the attacks.

Lewes Crown Court.

Lewes Crown Court.

His Honour Judge Stephen Mooney said Gilbertson was prepared to use violence against people “on a whim”.

It was also revealed that Gilbertson had threatened Michael Nailard with the needle in order to rob a cigarette.

Alex Gilbertson stabbed men with needles at Shoreham Station

Alex Gilbertson stabbed men with needles at Shoreham Station

Jonathan Edwards, prosecuting, said the Mr Mascarenhas was working at the station in August 2019.

Gilbertson had travelled without a ticket, and was told it was company policy that he needed to wait on the platform and buy one at the next opportunity.

But in the end Mr Mascarenhas let him leave the station.

Mr Edwards said: “The next day, he was making his way on the train to work and became aware of Alex Gilbertson on the same train and in the same carriage.

“As he got up and went to the door ready to get off, he noticed that the defendant had also got up and was standing directly behind him.

“He felt a sharp sting in the back of his leg, and suspected he had been stabbed with a needle.

“The defendant then went and sat back down.”

In October 2019 Mr Nailard was robbed of the cigarette, then minutes later Gilbertson threatened and attacked Mr Clift.

Both Mr Mascarenhas and Mr Clift had to be checked for HIV and hepatitis after the attacks.

Judge Mooney said Gilbertson, of no fixed address, had been on licence from being released from prison at the time of the attacks.

Mark Kessler, defending, said the crimes come from Gilbertson’s drinking and drug use.

Alex Gilbertson stabbed men with needles at Shoreham Station

Alex Gilbertson stabbed men with needles at Shoreham Station

Gilbertson was considered “dangerous”, a legal term which means he is a risk of committing similar serious crimes.

The judge said: “I find you dangerous. You stabbed a victim in the back of the leg with a syringe. I’m concerned there is a risk of you committing further offences that cause severe physical or psychological harm to other people.

“The effect on the two men, who were just doing their job, was enormous. They both had the uncertainty of not knowing if they would contract a serious illness.

“These offences were cruel, indicative of a man prepared to use violence simply on a whim.”

The Judge added an extra two years to Gilbertson’s licence period, and said the stabber would not be automatically released half way through the jail term. Instead he must serve two thirds of the sentence before he can be considered for parole.