TWO new police recruits have been praised for saving a suicidal woman’s life.

PC Donna King and Daniel Churchyard were called to a woman who was in distress in Mid Sussex.

The new officers went to the woman’s home along with their coach PC Leanne Tighe.

They arrived after the woman’s friend had raised the alarm.

She was taken to an urgent care centre in hospital by the officers.

“If I hadn't spoken to them I wouldn't be here now, they saved my life,” she said.

Following the callout, Crawley and Mid Sussex District Commander Shane Baker said the officers showed “compassion and professionalism.”

They are among 45 new PCs who joined the force in December.

It was one of the first incidents for PC Donna King to handle after being assigned to frontline response duties from the front desk at Crawley Police Station.

PC Donna King is now on the frontline in Crawley and Mid Sussex

PC Donna King is now on the frontline in Crawley and Mid Sussex

She said: “I felt a little nervous. The lady was not expecting our visit, so we put her at ease and approached the conversation in a very compassionate and human way, sharing some of our own personal experiences.

“Once she realised we were there to help, she opened up and we were able to get her the help she needed.”

PC Daniel Churchyard,who previously worked in the prison service for three years, said: “As well as taking the lady to the medical centre, we took measures to safeguard this vulnerable individual by getting other agencies involved to give her extra support, as part of our follow-up procedure.”

The Mid-Sussex woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I was suicidal that morning, so my friend was extremely concerned. The three officers that came round my house were so lovely. They chatted to me, listened to me and helped me.

“They didn't think it was safe to leave me, so they made some calls and took me to an urgent care centre at a hospital.

“I want to thank the officers so much for their help and kindness.”

PC Daniel Churchyard is now on the frontline in Crawley and Mid Sussex

PC Daniel Churchyard is now on the frontline in Crawley and Mid Sussex

PC Churchyard said: “It felt very rewarding to get this feedback so early on, as I joined the force wanting to support, protect and help members of the public.”

Chief Inspector Baker said: “I am very touched to hear of the positive impact the three officers made on a member of the public when she needed us most.

“It is always rewarding to receive positive feedback about our officers; all the more so when two of the officers were only a few days into their new role.

“PCs King and Churchyard, alongside their coach PC Tighe, have demonstrated compassion and professionalism, and I congratulate them on the excellent start they have made in their career.

“They and their 45 fellow new officers across the force joined their divisions at the most challenging time of the pandemic – in late December – and the determination they have shown in supporting the Covid response and their communities has been highly appreciated.”