A DOG faces being put down after it bit two police officers while “dangerously out of control”.

American Bulldog owner Paul Blackman appeared in court over the incident in Eastbourne.

It was revealed his pet Rocco injured PC McCarthy and PC McNaughton.

Blackman, 35, was told he would have to take greater care of his dog to stop it attacking people, or face its destruction.

Hastings Magistrates’ Court heard how Rocco was out of control on January 2 this year.

The court ordered the owner to keep Rocco muzzled at all times.

As part of a contingent dog destruction order, Blackman, of Roseveare Road, Eastbourne, was told that Rocco must not have any access to external doors at his home.

Rocco must not be left unattended in public, must not be walked near schools, and must be walked on a secure lead by someone aged over 16 or under 65.

The dog is not allowed to be walked on a flexible lead.

Blackman was ordered to maintain a secure six feet fence to contain his dog and was told Rocco must be kept in a cage if anyone visits his home. Rocco must be kept secure when Blackman answers his door.

The court ordered him to pay £150 compensation to the two officers and a £95 surcharge, and told Blackman to complete 15 rehabilitation sessions with the probation service.