KATIE Price said the "thing that has always been wrong in my life is men" during a candid discussion about being raped in a park when she was just seven.

The former model made the comments during an appearance on the Changes with Annie Macmanu‪s podcast released on Monday.

The 42-year-old, who was born in Brighton, said: "I went in the Priory (a rehabilitation centre in London) last year and since coming out I have turned my life around.

Katie Price

Katie Price

"But I noticed, from the Priory, because they go back to your childhood, my thing that's always been wrong in my life is men. I think that's from an early age because obviously I was raped as a kid, at seven.

"That's in my first book, if people haven't seen it. I was in a park."

The 42-year-old said she had checked into the Priory following a mental breakdown, and it was there she realised that men had "always let me down".

Katie Price in 2015. Credit: PA Media

Katie Price in 2015

Katie added: "Obviously my dad left when I was early (in life). And although I can't remember, subconsciously your mind remembers everything. It's there.

"Just because you can't remember it, it's still there.

"So they (the Priory) realised the reason I jumped in and out of relationships and stuff is because, it's not wanting that father figure, it's because they'd always let me down.

"That's always been my trouble in my life, it's to do with men. Everything else is perfect. I suppose in the Priory you learn about acceptance of yourself, reassuring yourself, not to be needy and reliant on men, stuff like that.

"I know a lot of people listening will probably do the same; they think they can't be alone, they need a man in their life. And I was the same. I could sit here for hours and talk about how the Priory changed me, I've literally turned my life around.

"Why? One, because I needed to. Two, no one can tell you to do it. You have to be able to get help, because I had a mental breakdown."

Katie Price with her family celebrating her son Harveys clothing line having raised thousands for the NHS Credit @KatiePrice

Katie Price with her family celebrating her son Harvey's clothing line having raised thousands for the NHS Credit @KatiePrice

Podcast host Annie Macmanus revealed that Katie had confirmed to her that she is expecting her sixth child with fiancee Carl Woods.

The broadcaster also said the former glamour model had managed to conduct the interview amid meetings with schools for her son Harvey, the oldest of her five children.

Harvey, 18, has an underactive thyroid, partial blindness, autism and diabetes, as well as Prader-Willi Syndrome.

This is a rare genetic condition with symptoms including an excessive appetite, weight gain, learning difficulties and weak muscles.

Growing up in the public eye, he has been on the receiving end of vile online abuse, and Katie has made it her mission to put an end to needless digital trolling.

The former Loose Women panellist appeared before MPs last summer to discuss the abuse targeted at Harvey.

This was linked to her ongoing campaign for a new law, which she has dubbed “Harvey’s Law”, to make online abuse a specific offence and to create a register of offenders.

Katie hopes the creation of Harvey's Law could put a stop to the disgusting actions of online trolls.