TODAY we have reported on the tragic death of a moped rider who was killed on the A27.

Careless driver Damien Moth admitted his responsibility, and it was revealed he was both unlicensed and uninsured at the time of the crash.

Sadly it is yet another horrific reminder of why the rules of the road need to be taken seriously.

The Argus regularly reports on drivers caught with drink or drugs in their system, and those banned for driving without insurance or a valid licence.

The reason we do this is because the slipshod carelessness of many drivers can have devastating consequences.

Quite simply, Moth should not have been behind the wheel of the van, he should not have been driving any vehicle.

But tragically he was. In the process, he has caused the death of young father Michael Craig, and has left two young daughters to grow up without their father. The loss will also be felt by Mr Craig's wider family and friends.

Moth has also wrecked his own life as well.

Regardless of what vehicle we use, we all owe each other the duty to be completely alert to others on their journeys.

Those who simply don't care or are prepared to take the risks should face the consequences, because they risk causing similar heartache themselves.